How can I support Ukraine?

The Church of St.Barbara, together with the Ukrainian community, has a coordination center
to help the victims of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Here is how you can help financially

The following donation options are currently available:

  • Transfer your donation to the St. Barbara Church Account for Refugee needs and humanitarian support.

    IBAN: AT06 6000 0000 0731 1709
    Empfänger: Griech.-kath.Zentralpfarramt (St. Barbara Ukrainische Kirche Postgasse 8-12 1010 Wien)
    Zweck: Spende für Humanitäre Zwecke in der Ukraine
  • You can also donate cash here: Postgasse 8a, 1010 Wien

Here you can offer accommodation for Ukrainians

Illustration Copyright – Oksana Drachkovska